Our impact on the environment – a colorful policy.

To reduce and manage our impact on the environment in the hotel Prunk unit, we are guided by the following principles: All our employees work to prevent environmental pollution and improve the preservation of raw materials. Together with our employees, we regulate the handling of waste and hazardous substances. We increase environmental awareness and responsible actions among employees. We communicate with internal and external publics regarding environmental management. We reduce significant negative impacts on the environment. We commit suppliers (goods, services) to a better attitude towards the environment. We influence the waste generated during administrative work (paper, cardboard, plastic). We influence the changes made in the allocation of construction work and maintenance.

Working conditions of our employees and human rights

As employers, we have ensured that our workers are aware of all the circumstances and requirements regarding occupational health and safety at the workplace. This is also how we have ensured that each of our workers is trained for safe and healthy work at the workplace, namely upon first being assigned to work at a workplace and before the implementation of any change that could affect safety and health at such a workplace. We offer our employees stability, a clear sense of purpose at work and growth (both personally and career-wise). Our employees feel trust in our management, which we consider to be of great character. As employers, we create an environment in which everyone can express their opinion. As employers, we believe that the working environment should support a sense of connection and a friendly atmosphere. As employers, we provide regular short and long breaks during work, which are an integral part of work tasks at the workplace. As employers, we make sure that our employees do not work overtime and that they have a 12-hour rest interval between shifts. Each of our employees has the right to choose vacation time of 14 working days. We provide accommodation and food to our employees who are not citizens of Slovenia and who come from other countries. We have great mutual trust with our employees. We motivate our employees on a daily basis because we believe that this way we can achieve positive results. All our employees have the same rights and freedom of expression, and this is also how we promote non-interference in the private lives and families of our employees among our employees. Each of our employees has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. We encourage our employees to take a variety of training courses and support them in this. Together with our employees, we are committed to raising quality and responsible allocation of tasks. As employers, we respect our employees, accept them as they are, respect diversity, support teamwork and work to ensure that all members trust each other and have a sense of security.

Working with local businesses to support the economy

We inform guests about local customs and traditions, or about traditional events, such as:

Taran and prosciutto festival


Day of open cellars on the Karst wine road

Lipica stud farm days (in our immediate vicinity) Mardi Gras (also about the way of dressing or wearing a Mardi Gras mask)

Little Karst Marathon (this event has become a tradition of our place, since in 2023 there will be already 23 versions, for which we proudly prepare a typical Karst dish for the participants – jota

We offer our guests traditional local dishes and drinks that we produce ourselves:


*Karst prosciutto,

*seasoning and pancetta

*karst terrain


There are no specific communities in our environment that have specific dress codes. There is also no special dress code for attending the mentioned cultural traditional events, except for the carnival. Guests are informed about this.

We also create a connection with the local community by sponsoring the local basketball club KK Mesarija Prunk Sežana (, we offer free membership to the children of our employees.

The Škocjan Cave Park (UNESCO) is located in our immediate vicinity, which is a protected area, which we explain to guests, leaflets are available at the reception. Detailed rules of behavior are given to guests by the park itself.

Kobilarna Lipica is also located in our immediate vicinity, leaflets are available at the reception. We inform guests about the events taking place there. In general, we explain to guests the rules of behavior towards local residents and animals, but these do not significantly differ from the rules typical of European countries. The only special feature is the attitude towards the horses in the Lipica stud farm and the manner of behavior in its area, which we explain to the guests, but more detailed instructions are offered on the spot.

Quality assurance in the hotel Prunk unit, Sežana

In order to create a stimulating work environment, all employees have the right to co-design and plan the work processes in which they are involved. Each employee monitors and reports deficiencies throughout the hotel. Each employee must create a suitable working environment for teamwork and cooperation, so that guests and other employees are satisfied. Each employee is empowered: for example, if a guest has a problem or wants something specific, the employee can leave their current/regular work activities and solve the guest’s problem. Uncompromising cleanliness is the responsibility of every employee. In order to provide the best personal service, it is the duty of every employee to identifies and records the individual preferences of guests. Never lose a guest. Immediate removal/reassurance is the duty of every employee. Anyone who accepts a complaint must resolve it in favor of the guest and write it down. “Smile – we’re on stage”. Always maintain positive eye contact. When communicating with guests and colleagues, they use appropriate vocabulary (they use the following words or phrases: good morning, of course, I will be happy, with pleasure). Our employees always speak positively. Any concern or problem is brought up to the appropriate person. They prefer to escort guests rather than show them where to go. They are proud of their appearance and take care of it. The duty of every employee is to create a safe and reliable working environment for guests and colleagues. They must know all fire and safety procedures and report immediately if they see any danger. Our employees save energy, maintain the hotel and protect the environment. A successful design and implementation project of a quality system is the work of a large number of people and the commitment of all employees. The team consisted of:

*General Manager,

* catering manager,

*service manager,

*kitchen manager,

* external quality manager (hotel maintainer).

In Sežana, am 05.01.2022

Hotel Manager

Snjezana Vajukic

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